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Terms of Payment

Currently, We do accept 2 types of payment systems;


1) L/C (Letter of Credit)

 As Letter of Credit which is  abreviated as "L/C" is commonly used in this type of business that we accept, because it considered to be safe type of transaction for both parties  considering the compulsion of the buyer by their local government payment procedure or to the buyers not yet familiar to do business with us.

Note* We adopt this system in those countries only where we found no economic turmoil or political unstability.

2) TT Payment (Telegraphic Transfer)

 - Basically with all new/ first time customers we do prefer to receive full amount agreed (CIF or C&F) via wire transfer before shipment  to destination port of the requested country.

 - With our regular customers we mostly use 70% advance, and 30% balance payment with in a week after presenting the B/L (Bill of Lading) copy to the buyer/ (Our customer but not so frequently buying).

 - We do offer sometime 50% advance payment and 50% balance payment within a week, after presenting the B/L copy  to a buyer who is buying the products from us on frequent basis i.e monthly basis orders etc


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