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HKF International was established with a mission to serve its esteemed clients around the globe while adopting its innovative techniques of manufacturing to provide the best quality of products ordered. We are having extremely capable experts which hold outstanding skills, revolutionary methods that involves in manufacturing of great eminence sportswear, gloves, Marshal Art goods, sports balls and many more. The firm strictly follows; the National / International laws prescribed by relevant authorities and take on board the recommended innovative standards in manufacturing.

HKF International takes best care of its worker's health, and actively participate in the community's programs. Furthermore, our firm provides all the necessities and equipments to staff to make them satisfy and ultimately in return to supply standard products to domestic customers and overseas.

HKF International is working now with its second peer group which is using the finest of their capabilities along with depth of awareness and current education. We also make arrangements about various educational programs, workshops for our workers to meet the modern and innovative ways of manufacturing on regular intervals. The philosophy of openness and true teamwork is reflected in our relationship with our clients to deliver exceptional customer service with full enthusiasm, care and resilience.

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